Vice President Kamala Harris wore W.Rosado for the momentous occasion of her inauguration as the United States’ first female Vice President.

Wilfredo Rosado is proud to have designed a new pearl necklace concept for Ms. Harris. Rosado strived to perfectly embody the new Vice President and honor this historical moment by drawing on the theme of strength, combined with softness and a bit of glamour. His modern interpretation of a traditional pearl necklace features a breakthrough new chain motif with a South Sea pearl suspended within each link and alternating diamond accents.

As with all of Rosado’s pieces, the pearl necklace for Madam Vice President demonstrates his exceptional attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship and a distinctive design sensibility that has been informed by his life experiences in art and fashion, along with his love of street culture. Much like Harris herself, Rosado’s journey to this moment truly epitomizes the American dream and the rich patchwork of diversity that defines our nation.